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Building a Form

How to edit a form

Add / Edit Form

The name of your form is used in the Email subject / SMS body when you send the form.

Send To Parents / Staff - choose this option and when you send the form you can choose students/staff that have been imported from your school data. Each email/SMS gets a unique link so the completed form results are assigned to the recipient.

Send To Anonymous - choose this option to create a form that can be linked to on your website (e.g. an inquiry form) or on a generic newsletter email (e.g. a contact request form). Anonymous forms can have an optional prompt for Name, Email and/or a not a robot check.

Form Components

There are a variety of different elements you can add to a Form

  • Text / Description Adding text & images to your form

  • Section Divider Horizontal divider/ named sections

  • Space Add some space to your form

  • Prompt for Text Prompt the user for some text

  • Multiline Text Prompt for more text over multiple lines

  • Prompt for Email Validate the text input is an email

  • Prompt for Date Request a date input

  • Dropdown a list of options when the user can pick one

  • Multiple Choice Radio buttons, pick one from a list

  • Tickbox Add a single checkbox

  • Tickbox List A list of checkboxes

  • Rating Rate with Stars, Bullets, or Emoji

  • Signature box Users can sign the form with their finger or mouse.

  • Rule Show or hide components/sections depending on inputs a user makes.


*Italic* surround with one * for italic text

**bold** surround with two * for bold text

# for heading 1

## for heading 2

### for heading 3

#### for heading 4

[Link Text]( - for a hyperlink


You can include many regular icons into your forms FontAwesome

just put the icon in ()

e.g. ( fa-flag ) with the spaces removed is

you can make it spin by adding fa-spin in too ( fa-flag fa-spin)