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Results and responses to forms

Form Responses

Form Responses

Selected Rows You can select rows by various options Replied/Not Replied/Positive/Negative, once selected you can perform various functions on the selected rows.


The actions menu at the bottom of the page allows you to perform various functions on the form:

  • Charts View some data visualizations based based on data from the form.

  • Edit Form Settings Edit the due date and can edit responses for the form

  • Edit Columns Edit the result column names and order, show/hide columns.

  • Edit Form Content Edit the form components

  • Save Form as a template If you want to send more forms like this one.

  • Add recipients back to the Form Send so you can pick more students/Staff to send the form, any that have already been sent the form will be skipped.

  • Copy Form create a copy of this form

  • Download Results Create an Excel file of the results.

  • Print all responses Open a new page with the form content repeated and results filled in.

  • Print a blank from Open a new page with a blank printable version of the form.

  • Send Reminder Select any recipients not replied and open the reminder popup.

  • View Log Log of the sending of email/SMS messages