Form Send

Sending a Form

Pick the recipients for the form, Groups of students can be picked and then further refined if required.

Due date This date is included in the heading of the form and emails. No responses after this date are accepted. You can edit this date after sending.

Reminder date This optional date will auto send a reminder message on this date for any form recipients who have not completed the form.

Form Settings

In the Settings menu you can set the theme and other Form settings.

Can edit responses Normally once a form result has been submitted for a student(or staff) if the user again clicks on the link from the email/SMS then the form is read only with a banner that the form has already been submitted. If you select this option then the parent can change their mind and update the form response and re-submit the form.

No more responses Select this option if you want to stop any more forms being submitted. This could be used for forms where there are no more spaces or the trip is canceled.

Limit Responses If your form has a positive response element then you can set the maximum number of positive responses that will be accepted. e.g. for a trip permission with a max number of places.

Send Now

This button has an option to schedule the send in the future.