Form Template Editing

How to use templates to build forms

Form Templates

Form Templates

Form templates are divided into 2 sections:

  • the top section is for adding components used when creating the form from the template. e.g. trip destination, date and cost.

  • the bottom section is for adding components to the form for parent to fill in e.g. Yes can go on the trip.

Form Components

There are a variety of different elements you can add to a Form

  • Text / Description Adding text & images to your form

  • Section Divider Horizontal divider/ named sections

  • Space Add some space to your form

  • Prompt for Text Prompt the user for some text

  • Multiline Text Prompt for more text over multiple lines

  • Prompt for Email Validate the text input is an email

  • Prompt for Date Request a date input

  • Dropdown a list of options when the user can pick one

  • Multiple Choice Radio buttons, pick one from a list

  • Tickbox Add a single checkbox

  • Tickbox List A list of checkboxes

  • Rating Rate with Stars, Bullets, or Emoji

  • Signature box Users can sign the form with their finger or mouse.

  • Rule Show or hide components/sections depending on inputs a user makes.

Seats and Tickets How to use forms for counting spaces/seats/tickets


There are a few built in css values you can set on a component

  • m1 to m8 for additional margins from 0.25em to 2em

  • alert alert-danger for a red error alert box

  • alert alert-warning for a amber error alert box

  • alert alert-info for a blue info alert box