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Release Notes

What's new in SchoolWorkSpace



New Features

  • Messenger import Pupil Premium Group Membership

  • Messenger option to send to Staff Work Email only

  • Exam Entries & Timetable inclusion on Forms

  • Forms validation rules

  • Forms likert rating type

  • Meetings - variable length Parents Evening sessions

Bug Fixes

  • Checkbox lists and counting number of places

  • Checkbox lists and charts

  • No send of forms with Exam entries/timetable if none for a student

  • Anonymous not a robot check - prevent form submission until checked



New Features

  • Exam Entries Import from SIMS

  • Exam Timetable import from Xporter

  • Forms - Exam Entries / Timetable can be included on a Form

  • Forms - link to behavior writeback

  • Forms - Attendance multiple columns and import from Messenger

  • Forms - Option to exclude blanks from charts

  • Seating Plans - take Attendance

  • Seating Plans - double click to remove a student

  • Seating Plans - add Student & add Staff for guest to the group

Bug Fixes

  • A Few bug fixes



New Features

  • Seats and Places counting - add 'tickets' as an option

  • Seats, Places and Tickets - option to add number of tickets counter (column_count)

  • Ability to multi select students and groups when adding to a form

  • Gradebooks - separate module to Homework module

  • Gradebooks - daterange for writeable grades

  • Parents Evening - RSVP for meetings

  • Parents Evening - Live update of meetings in progress

  • Parents Evening - copy and edit of group memberships

  • Parents Evening - Variable staff slot length

  • Forms & Meetings - add to meeting from form results

Bug Fixes

  • Forms re-order sections auto collapse javascript error when dropping at the top

  • Forms - download Attendance values

  • Parent Forms with valid Anonymous link

  • Form Charts for checkbox list

  • Gradebooks - better layout



New Features

  • Seating Plan Conduct & Attendance

  • Attendance % and late/unexplained in forms

  • Meeting and Parents' Evening module - ability to add additional participants

  • Add to meeting for selected form recipients

Bug Fixes

  • Reminders Sending Multiple times



New Features

  • Forms - New experimental feature for limiting responses for a single option by adding (30 spaces) to the radio option. Number will count down as forms are submitted and when zero will be disabled.

  • Seating plan last edited timestamp

  • Seating plans main menu entry

  • Seating plans [None] displayed in the list so can be searched for

  • Seating plans – click on group now pops up a group details modal so you can see teachers and students linked to the group

  • GradeBooks – excel download

  • GradeBooks – student popup to include staff name and date

Bug Fixes

  • Forms repeat schedule cope with Summer Time better

  • Forms – printing cope with show/hide rules on checkboxes

  • Homework - reminders, alerts and todo count only for type “Homework”

  • Homework - student homework list not show internal grades

  • GradeBooks - Add new for subjects with a space in the name



New Features

  • All Seating Plans For a student

Bug Fixes

  • Scheduled send of Form not queued if no change to the default time

  • XoD sync for for M5 schools not removing old M5 groups once enabled



New Features

  • Forms Tab view

  • Internal Process Forms for Staff

  • Forms Analysis Tab and dashboards

  • Forms Attendance writeback

  • GradeBooks - for collecting homework, classwork, coursework etc.



New Features

  • Internal process forms - allow for multiple rows per student

  • Attendance Forms - show when updated and by who

Bug Fixes

  • Send form - tidy up showing and hiding controls for different types

  • Forms button layout on mobile

  • Change schedule modal improved and added Email and SMS options

  • Auto refresh results - cope with new rows added



New Features

  • Form Attendance reason added as a note to attendance writeback

Bug Fixes

  • Form Attendance Date range not being applied when creating a form and calculating custom tokens on form create.



New Features

  • Attendance - New Form control for Absence No reason to prompt parents to explain

  • Attendance - display for a student

  • Attendance - edit for a student

  • XoD import - new option to import address

Bug Fixes

  • Required form controls with older browsers that do not enforce

  • Ability to edit the template name for a form sent from a template

  • Unable to clear the theme for a form back to blank default

  • XoD import user defined groups not in search results.



New Features

  • Auto refresh of form results, click the refresh button to enable

  • more forgiving tiny url's to cope with extra spaces and slashes caused by cut and paste errors


07/06/2021 - hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Check for Form Id clash for repeat scheduled forms

  • Attendance search count greater than


New Features

  • Forms Create new Occurrence option

  • Forms Attendance tokens

  • Admin function for adding Api tokens

Bug Fixes

  • Remove reminder

  • Forms Reminder SMS


11/05/2021 - Hotfix

Bug Fix

  • Add form from template Go button java-script error

  • big wordy buttons replaced with icons and tooltips a the top of forms



New Features

  • Form preview images and Tiles view of forms

  • UI tweaks in Forms for simplified navigation

  • Help Navigation in right side drawer

  • Parents Evening Module renamed to Virtual Meetings to reflect the flexible nature of the meetings possible.

  • Seating plans - Templates

  • Seating plans - show student tags

Bug Fixes

  • Markdown of numbering 1. 2. etc at the start of a prompt being replaced with 1. for all controls

  • Add none to the reminder Duration dropdown so can be cleared



New Features

  • Duplicate form component / section

  • Staff login using Work Email only

  • Can add a manual staff/admin login from Staff Logins

  • Popup of details on Staff Logins

  • Form preview shows the theme in the popup

  • Payment settings on results page

Bug Fixes

  • Dates on forms when editing dates are lost or month/day swapped

  • Send to form messenger address book person didn't send

  • Printing form charts - don't show the menu

  • On Form send page if SchoolMoney payment settings required remove the warning when they have been set.



New Features

  • Add Schedule option to a form to enable resending on a schedule

  • Staff roles - show email and username

  • Form Results - new Filter 'search' for text based search of the form content

  • Show priority of parents on the detail popup

Bug Fixes

  • Schedule and code change with Password protected forms

  • Multiple form submits possible if the browser re-submits the form - now unique id is added to the form and if resubmitted an error is show,

  • Internal forms - remove the reminder option



Bug Fixes

  • Staff Roles Edit not including T2P and Messenger Users to enable adding SMT role

  • Logging of Form preview email sending



New Features

  • Ability to limit form results to users in smt/admin roles

  • Covid dashboard details only for users in smt role.


22/03/2021 - hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Repeat schedule forms with Passwords users locked out

  • Remove edit from detail popup for imported contacts

  • Internal and future send forms displayed in Xpressions app

  • Mobile number not shown on the detail popup



New Features

  • Student Detail popup from Forms results

  • Filter form results by Replied & not Replied

  • Covid Tests view now will pick up any positive component not just "TestResult"

  • Edit Forms now possible to collapse sections so they can be dragged together or over.

  • Xpressions Form plugin



New Features

  • Webhook and email on submission option to only if positive

  • If viewing a group then show members tab first

  • Set tag on student/staff if covidtest is positive (so we can use in future)

  • New help page /Help/SeatingPlans

  • Webhook email - multiple addresses now possible

  • Xpressions Forms Plugin

Bug Fixes

  • Double encoding of Radios and Checkbox lists causing £ to show as #

  • better error message if viewing a popup of an archived form

  • Rules showing required components inside hidden sections stop the form from being submitted.



New features

  • Multi submit forms - ability to set a forms to allow "Submit another response"

  • Covid reports - for covidtest results

  • new Covid dashboard to list recent results and positive tests

  • Multi schedule form popup and only one shown in the list

  • Form checkbox default to selected option



New Features

  • Form results long column names now tooltip rather than always show

Bug Fixes

  • Download results xls now not styling column and rows causing excel to try and print 177k pages!

  • Remind selected - wasn't



New Features

  • Visual changes - tables now with a black header,

  • Help drawer button animates to show its there

  • Help Forms - layout and terminology improvements

  • Embedded (T2P and M5) the menu is now fixed on the top

  • Repeat Schedule for forms - for covid flow test results (repeatschedule)

  • New and featured templates to put recent ones at top of the add form list

  • Tags on forms - so can report on results (covidtest)

  • New basic covid results reports added to show results over time

  • Reminders on a template can be set to as little as 1 hour - for the fast turn around time for frequent covid flow test

  • Ability to set a css class on a form text component e.g. alert-danger

  • Form Input time

  • Ability to set the default to now for date and time inputs

  • Email receipts possible on anonymous form submission - pick which entered email to receive the receipt.

  • Form results - filter positive and negative

Bug Fixes

  • Timeout generating pdfs and zip files of pdfs - moved to async and blob download

  • If user selects form result rows who have replied and does remind selected then those already replied will be excluded from the reminders.



New Features

  • Form Themes - more settings and click preview to edit.

  • Floating panel when editing forms and templates to scroll to top and bottom and add a component

  • Form Prompts, Labels and options markdown enabled

  • New Rule for is between that can be used with date inputs

  • Anonymous Forms - embed code

Bug Fixes

  • Add Rule now can be positioned in a form rather than always at the end.



New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Printing Forms now formats the dates as per School Preferences

  • Display issues with Prices in forms - Prices now only picked up if Payments is enabled



New Features

  • Form - Tickboxes can now be required - e.g. Tick here to confirm you have read X

Bug Fixes

  • Reminders will not be sent for stopped forms

  • Downloading Password protected forms

  • SchoolMoney - Can Edit responses - only if not paid



New Features

  • Print a results as a table

Bug Fixes

  • Download Form Results Excel - column alignment issue

  • Safari Mac and iOS iframe cookies being blocked

  • Form results printout signatures not showing as image

  • Required Office use only form inputs - parents unable to submit the form

  • Sending a form to staff and deselect them - still sends to all staff in the group



New Features

  • T2P AllStaff group renames to All Staff/Other to reduce confusion



New Features

  • Excel Form output separate Forename and Surname so can be sorted.

Bug Fixes

  • Tickboxes on forms - other option now working

  • Security Headers - added new Features Header

  • Estab/School County from LEA for Eduspot sales lead allocation



New Features

  • Printing Form Charts

  • new Attachments Token possible so links can be inserted anywhere in the form rather than always at the bottom

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar attachments to a form



New Features

  • Form Chart Settings - Show/Hide Charts and choose type pie/donut/list

Bug Fixes

  • Printing Form Charts - hide buttons and prevent page break in middle of a chart.

  • Password Protected form - Use Password on Excel Download too.



New Features

  • New option to hide form responses. Added to send form screen and form settings modal.

  • You can now Password Protect the responses to a form



New Features

  • Rules based on rating value

  • Add hint to the top of options list to show how a value can be set

  • allow different help content for M5 and T2P forms

Bug Fixes

  • Forms printing selected with many rows selected

  • Forms Print all with response filter ignored the filter

  • Trim whitespace from rule value

  • Increase height of Form textarea



New Features

  • Login with Groupcall Messenger

  • Detentions for Conduct Module including Writeback to the MIS (SIMS only currently)



New Features

  • Form Photo upload - prompt users to upload an image.

  • Add Form - separate the templates by type

  • Add Form - icon on tile

  • Other Settings modal to allow change of forms host url from the default ( & options)

  • Theme option for boxing inputs and sections

  • Ability to select where to add a form control (start or end of form)

  • Form Tickbox List & Radios options into columns

  • Messenger import AddressBook contacts

  • Rules - Regex matches and concatenated columns

  • Add set School Logo to the top of the Forms page.

Bug Fixes

  • Seating Plan - drag to move tables

  • Radio cope with "a) Something (in brackets)"



New Features

  • Printing Form responses - options dialog

  • Printing - pdf output

  • Printing - zip of pdf files

  • Printing - table of results per student

  • Duplicate column name warning on form building

  • Delete Theme

Bug Fixes

  • Forms with column name "Model" throwing errors on submission

  • Importing exported form definitions json as a template

  • Printing forms - truncating textarea with more than 3 rows



New Features

  • Half and Third width form controls

  • Download a form definition json from from builder.

  • New Form from form definition json file.

  • Form setting "All Positive" where if multiple positive questions then all must be positive for the form result to be positive - currently only one answer needs to be positive.

Bug Fixes

  • When editing a form component reduce the possibility of clicking on the background closing the popup and loosing the changes.

  • Positive for checkboxes if multiple are positive then all must be positive for it to be positive now.

  • checkboxes - remove , from values as the selected on submission are comma separated.

  • Positive answers not using a separate specified value "A) option a"



New Features

  • Group types other than Reg and Year on form add groups popup

  • Forms Signup - prompt for name and email

Bug Fixes

  • Copy Form and delete components - result columns not removed.



New Features

  • Added Students Year Group to the form download results excel file

Bug Fixes

  • Email form preview for T2P not being sent

  • Email forms to Staff for T2P



New Features

  • Teachers2Parents Forms integration released

  • Forms Expired page and form to ask for a quote.

  • Help side drawer for Forms

  • Staff Roles - sort and search

Bug Fixes

  • A few little bugs squashed



New Features

  • Forms Module for Teachers2Parents (T2P)

Bug Fixes

  • Form Send Now button can be clicked with no recipients selected

  • Trial banner with expiry date now less in your face




  • Very long complex form failing to save - zip longer forms before saving

  • show forms trial end date



New Features

  • Corona Virus - extend Forms trials to end of August

  • Templates can now define optional form sections based on selections at form creation time (Show If in advanced options)

  • Inherited templates can now be customised.

  • New inherited template for staff working from home Health and Safety survey.

Bug Fixes

  • Form Rule check for blank to show hide items fixed

  • Remove office use only advanced options for template components

  • Teachers2Parents integration (ongoing)



New Features

  • Data Collection Forms - Preview before send

  • Data Collection Forms - Edit the mapping template

  • Can now delete form result rows

  • Forms For Teachers2Parents

  • Login With Teachers2Parents credentials

Bug Fixes

  • Forms containing Ratings using the HTML editor fixed

  • Form builder improved for Mobile & tablets



New Features

  • New Report generator for reporting on data in SchoolWorkSpace

  • New Quick Conduct module for easy staff recording of Behaviour and Achievement events

  • Api for the new SchoolWorkSpace App (in development)

Bug Fixes

  • Forgot Password & Register emails

  • Chrome v80 cookie attribute fix



Bug Fixes

  • Result column aliases - was possible to loose columns if a new column is added with an old columns old name

  • Leavers imported from M5 were not put in Leavers group



New Features

  • Form Result - Columns Clickable for Sort and Rename

Bug Fixes

  • Form Columns with no name

  • Expired forms with signature - remove sample signature image



New Features

  • New Form Results Action - Edit Columns to edit the name and show/hide columns.

Bug Fixes

  • Null exception displaying results for a single form.


New Features

  • Form checkbox option to add/remove student from group.

  • New Homework Stickers 'Like' and 'Smile'

  • Parent logged in view with only one child improved

  • New School Setting option to add a Login link to end of a form

Bug Fixes

  • Search by email address fixed


Bug Fixes

  • Homework - various minor fixes

  • Seating Plans caching issue

  • Exception if yeargroup for an entity is null

  • New login codes only if there are some

  • Exception on /Home/About


New Features

  • Better handle change of column names after a form has been sent.

  • Can now search for people by email

  • Student login - show read-only popup of forms sent to parents

  • New option for a school to enable web notifications

  • Enhanced Forms - Merge reports - merge and attach Word documents to a form.

  • Seating plans can now work without XoD inegration

  • SchoolWorkSpace App (coming soon) support

  • Homework enhancements based on feedback

  • New Resend Form option on send log in-case the original send using Messenger failed.

  • Student and Parent logins - archive older forms and load them on request

  • New Setup Logins option on School Settings for creating and downloading unique login codes for Students, Staff and Parents

  • Ability for Students, Staff and Parents to login with a login code and set (and verify) an email address to login to

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to send forms with a due date in the past

  • Create template, add attachment then create form form template threw an error

  • Email addresses with spaces at end


New Features

  • Form inputs 'for office use' either displayed readonly or hidden from end user.

  • Ability to create and set your own Form Themes

  • Data Collection forms now Save the Excel file

  • new Option on a form to allow the response to be edited.

  • Parents (or staff/students) can login & register to see all the forms they have been assigned


New Features

  • Can now delete rows for a form if the row has not been sent yet.

  • Added [[due]] and [[subject]] form tokens

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile layout for forms improved.

  • Forms - prevent sending reminders before a form has been sent

  • More logging to Form Log on send

  • Improved handling of groups with form add recipeints


New Features

  • Forms Sent Direct to Parents on the results and download show the names of their children..

  • Xporter import options for UPN, Admission No, SEN, PP etc - if selected then these shown as visual indicators (tags) on Student tiles.

  • Can now search by the Xporter import options (UPN, SEN etc)

  • Schools can upload their logo in forms (Settings and click the logo)

  • Data Collection (Enhanced) forms now check the excel file when uploaded to feedback schema match (columns), number of rows & students found.

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile layout for form results improved.

  • Email & SMS status feedback improvements.

  • Form preview emails now being sent via Messenger

  • Fixed issue copying anonymous forms where the url was not reset

  • Fixed issue copying archived forms and not clearing the no more responses checkbox.


New Features

  • Ability to set preferred date and time display format and school timezone.

  • Xporter import options for Leaver and New Intake

Bug Fixes

  • Form submission with cookies blocked returns Not Found error

  • Blank error toasts on ajax request fails.


New Features

  • Theme picker for Form Templates

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced Data Collection Forms Date formats

v1.31 (hotfix)

New Features

  • Forms without Data Sync for Anonymous only forms

Bug Fixes

  • Better display of M5 Omissions in the Form send Results


New Features

  • Theme selection and Reminder Date on Form Send screen

  • Import Groupcall Messenger Omissions list

Bug Fixes

  • Was sending forms to Messenger Omitted parents.

  • Preview Form emails were not being sent


New Features

  • A template can now define a duration and reminder number of days, that will apply when the template is used to create a form.

  • Added tooltips to describe template/form components.

  • Added date of last activity on the form list.

  • When creating a form from a template you now can skip the editing phase and go right to the send phase.

  • Users can now register their email to login with a password as well as logging in using Groupcall Idaas, Groupcall Messenger, Microsoft or Google.

Bug Fixes

  • Form Rules for tick box list

  • Form attachments - increase max size to 16mb and check in browser if too large


New Features

  • Form Themes - select background images and colour schemes

  • You can now customise the text used for email, SMS and Xpressions messages

  • Form Results Filtering - added the option to filter by response date

  • Radio Buttons can now optionally have an other input.

  • If using Xod for data sync then Student Admission number included in the form results download.

Bug Fixes

  • Creating a form from a template the type was not copying over to the form


New Features

  • Optional Enhanced Forms Module for Data Collection Forms

Bug Fixes

  • Form Results edit button moved to the left to reduce scrolling.

  • Form Rules stop enforcing Required on hidden items

  • < and > in text was sometimes throwing an error

  • Users can't view the content of expired forms.

  • Send reminder always reseting the selection


New Features

  • Guest / Anonymous Forms

  • New Form component type: Rating - Stars, Emoji 1-5 or 1-10

  • Form Results can now be filtered by group membership - filter also applied to results download and charts.

  • When creating a Form from a template you now have the option to use the new form builder.

  • Form builder forms can now be copied or turned into form templates.

  • With forms with positive responses you can now set the limit responses on the send page rather than from the results page.

Bug Fixes

  • Don't show expired forms as read-only when email link is clicked.

  • A few little layout bugs fixed



  • Add missing built in templates back


New Features

  • You can now build a form without a template

  • Forms can have multiple attachments

  • Forms can be scheduled for sending in the future

  • You can now delete selected archived forms.

  • You can now archive,import & export selected templates

  • New Rules option for forms to Show/Hide times based on input e.g. show "please specify" entry when "Other" is selected.

  • Selected Form responses can now be used to create/edit a Messenger Saved Group.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent Send Form button being clicked more than once causing the form to be sent twice.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix a problem saving a form with a column name "Description"


New Features

  • You can now archive selected forms.

  • Add the MIS id to Forms result Excel download

  • Form Result Charts

  • Print selected responses

Bug Fixes

  • Print All Responses was not including all responses sometimes


New Features

  • You can now limit the number of positive responses for a form

  • You can Archive sent forms

  • You can List and Restore archived Forms

  • You can now have Multiple attachments for a form

Bug Fixes

  • You can now remove attachments for a form


New Features

  • Forms can now have a Signature box

Bug Fixes

  • When editing the form content you can now edit the 'is positive' checkbox.

  • Improve UI flow for a Form that has already been sent

  • No message sent to a form recipient if they have already been sent the form - use reminders function

  • Forms with column names longer than 150 and/or non alpha-numeric chars should now save the value for that result.


New Features

  • On Template flag a response value as 'positive'

  • Positive responses shown on results screen

  • Ability to select recipients manually or by status - replied / positive

  • Send reminder to selected recipients

  • Send message to selected recipients

Bug Fixes

  • Schedule reminders for > 1 day in the future

  • Some MIS are setting $salutation$ to SURNAME, Forename


New Features

  • Ability to send forms to Priority 1 parents only

  • Can now schedule reminders

  • New Email Status Icons on Form Results page

  • Print blank form


New Features

  • Edit Form Settings for Due Date, Close form and Close Form Message

  • Column/Result Name moved from advanced to top of the template item popup

Bug Fixes

  • SMS status processed and displayed on Form Results page

  • Form Column headers limited to 150 chars (over 250 chars would throw an error and prevent the response being recorded)


New Features

  • Groupcall Messenger Integration

  • Free 1month Forms Trial

  • First Release Notes

  • Gender Tokens

Bug Fixes

  • Form Preview Email token replacement